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Walt Michael performs in a wide array of configurations, from solo to quintet.  In a solo performance, he plays the hammered dulcimer, guitar, National steeel guitar, 5-string banjo, diatonic autoharp and mandolin, culling from his wide repertoire of traditional and original material, and singing songs that reflect the wide expanse of the American experience and its roots.



One Man Show:
Of These Hollers I Sing

Since his days as a student volunteer in the coal fields of West Virginia, Walt has continued to bring this marginalized and forgotten part of our country to the attention of his audiences. Songs, ballads, stories, field recordings and photographs comprise this moving live music and multi-media presentation that explores life in the hollers then and now.  From witnessing the hanging of John Hardy, minstrelsy with the Baldwin Thugs, truck mining disasters and mountaintop removal to the richness of the inner spirit and music of the Appalachian people, this is a hard hitting look at America and its ongoing proclivity to marginalize its poor.  Click here for more information.



Alexander Mitchell                     Ralph Gordon                     Tom Wetmore   

The Maryland Ensemble    

In the Maryland Ensemble, Walt is joined by fiddler and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Mitchell, cellist Ralph Gordon and string bassist Tom Wetmore.  This configuration plays with the nuance and precision of a classical string quartet and the fire of a hard-driving string band.  From plaintive Shetland airs to searing southern Appalachian breakdowns to elegant Baroque Irish harp tunes, to original instrumentals to songs delivered in three-part harmonies, Walt Michael & Company deliver a rich concert experience.



Evan Stover, Walt Michael, Frank Orsini, Tom Wetmore

The New York Ensemble

The New York Ensemble features the incredible twin fiddling of Evan Stover and Frank Orsini, both throughbreds of the Hudson River Valley music scene, as well as the impeccable signature bass playing of Tom Wetmore.  Seamless four part vocals additionally distinguish this ensemble from other fiddle bands. The quartet, in one another's musical circles and recording in various scenarios since 1973, joined forces in 1988, playing festivals and concerts in the US, Canada and the UK.  In 1993, after appearing at the Shetland Folk Festival, the quartet led the Shetland's Young Heritage Fiddlers in a 28-day tour of the US, including appearances from the White House to the Smithsonian to the Philadelphia Folk Festival.



Sangmelé is a trio of musicians who bring a broad spectrum of American roots music into focus.  From New England to the southern Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi Delta to Bourbon Street, Sangmele’s music reflects the origins of American music found in Scotland, Ireland and West Africa.  Walt Michael, Lea Gilmore and Henry Reiff compose this unique trio of world travelers and musical multicultural ambassadors who have performed in a wide variety of venues including the Kennedy Center.  Click here for more information about Sangmelé.


School Assemblies, Workshops & Residencies

Walt Michael & Co. are touring members of the Maryland State Arts Council Arts In Education Touring Roster.  Click here to learn how to bring Music Across the Pond to your school.


Private Events

Walt Michael and Walt Michael & Co. are available for private gatherings including weddings, parties, house concerts and more.  Click here for more information.


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