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Walt Michael & Co. - Stepstone

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Walt Michael & Company Step Stone Musicians: Walt Michael: hammered dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, lead & tenor vocals John Kirk: fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano lead & tenor vocals Frank Orsini: fiddle, viola, baritone & bass vocals Mark Murphy: string bass, cello, baritone vocals Flying Fish #70480 compact disc


  1. Ashland Breakdown
  2. Step Stone
  3. Mary Queen of Scots-Final March/Down the Brae
  4. Long Roads
  5. George Brabizon, Second Air/Charles O'Conor
  6. Goodnight-Loving Trail
  7. Chinquipin Hunting/Rock the Cradle Joe
  8. Laura Jean/Cotton-Eyed Joe Reprise
  9. Montreal Reel/Bay of Fundy
  10. Shenandoah
  11. Dubuque/Pretty Little Indian
  12. Sing the Angels Way