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Hammered Dulcimer Retrospective

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This CD is a compilation of all the hammered dulcimer centered instrumental cuts from "Dance Like a Wave of the Sea," "The Host of the Air" and "The Good Old Way," originally released on Front Hall Records. Flying Fish #673 compact disc


  1. Prince William's Medley: Prince William/Salt Creek/Temperance Reel
  2. The Black Nag
  3. South Wind
  4. Little Rabbit
  5. The Cuckoo's Nest
  6. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  7. Farewell to Whiskey/Bluegrass Minor
  8. Hawks & Eagles
  9. Sons of Jubal
  10. The Gentle Maiden
  11. Golden Slippers
  12. Snowblind
  13. Gray Cat on the Tennessee Farm/Rocking Cindy
  14. Arran Boat
  15. Fanny Power