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Hammer Dulcimer Tunes & Techniques

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One of America's most innovative hammer dulcimer players teaches a wide variety of wonderful tunes, breaking them down and describing the techniques necessary to play them smoothly and proficiently. Includes reels, breakdowns, Southern old-time music, medleys and contemporary favorites. Songs: Bermudaful, Snowblind, McKim's Reel, The Breakdown, Devil's Dream, The Black Nag, Hawks And Eagles, Gray Cat On The Tennessee Farm, Rock The Cradle Joe, Little Rabbit, The Pirate's Prayer. For other great instructional materials, visit DVD


  1. Bermudaful
  2. Snowblind
  3. McKim's Reel
  4. The Breakdown
  5. Devil's Dream
  6. The Black Nag
  7. Hawks And Eagles
  8. Gray Cat On The Tennessee Farm
  9. Rock The Cradle Joe
  10. Little Rabbit
  11. The Pirate's Prayer