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Alexander Mitchell & Walt Michael


Walt Michael & Company are available to provide music for all types of private gatherings, including weddings, parties and various other celebrations.


Music and Your Wedding

Throughout the past 30 years, Walt Michael has performed at countless weddings throughout the United States, from Santa Barbara California to Sag Harbor, Long Island.   Son, grandson and great-grandson of  clergy, he has a strong sense of what music is appropriate and effective in making your wedding a special event for you, your families and your friends.  The music you choose for your wedding will color the event. Your choice is very important.

An acknowledged master of the hammered dulcimer and guitar, as well as an impressive vocalist, Mr. Michael has been described by Lincoln Center as “…one of the most innovative and expressive of traditional musicians.”  Drawing upon a vast repertoire of classic melodies found in traditional string band music, Walt’s distinctive acoustic music will add a spiritual ambiance to your wedding ceremony.  Reminiscent of classical chamber music, this is the folk music that has been the bedrock of inspiration for composers throughout the ages.  At the same time, it is the music that people have played for their personal celebrations, such as weddings. At the same time, Mr. Michael’s music is innovative, exciting and contemporary, including pieces composed for the Closing Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics as well as the famed Pilobolus Dance Theater.

In most cases, there are three musical needs for wedding events.  The ceremony itself, the following reception and finally, the dinner/party/dance.  Walt Michael & Company provide all three services.  Quite often, wedding planners don’t imagine that this refined, semi-classical music can fit the bill when it comes to the third event.  Quite the contrary!  Walt Michael & Company play a wide variety of dance music, from exciting, energetic swing to incredibly beautiful waltzes to folk dances that involve the entire wedding party, young and old.  Something to keep in mind when planning your reception is that your guests will not only want to dance: they will want to maintain conversations with one another.  All too often, conversation is prevented by an over-loud, blaring wedding band or DJ.  How many times have you attended a wedding that was dominated by a loud band?  If you want an enjoyable, elegant wedding experience that will be remembered for years to come by you, your families and guests, Walt Michael’s music will help you achieve that goal.   


DJ Option

We understand that some people will choose to have a DJ for the party segment of their wedding.  If you and your friends have the recordings in your possession, why go through the additional chore of contracting a DJ?  Walt Michael offers this option for you as well.  We provide the full sound system and play the CD’s or cassette tapes that you have provided us from your personal collection.  You may elect to have the band and DJ for your dinner party, or just the DJ.  This gives you the option of having appropriate dinner music as well as the recorded dance music of your choice, reflecting your personal taste.

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