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Michael, McCreesh & Campbell - The Host of the Air

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Eastwick Productions #103   compact disc

The Host of the Air

1.  Snowblind
2.  The Roseville Fair
3. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
4.  West Virginia My Home
5.  the Whiteface Reel
6.  The Man in the Middle
7.  Farewell to Whiskey
8.  Hawks & Eagles/The Raw Recruit
9.  Sons of Jubal - Reprise
10.  The Host of the Air
11.  Gentle Maiden
12.  Angel Band
13.  Golden Slippers
14.  The Gospel
15.  Snowblind - Reprise

Walt Michael: hammered dulcimer, guitar, lead vocals, rhythm arrows
Tom McCreesh:  fiddle, recitations and baritone vocals
Harley Campbell:  String bass, tenor vocals, lead vocals
Rick Good: banjo
Ruth Rappaport: piano
Toby Stover:  piano
Evan Stover: fiddle, viola