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Music For Hammered Dulcimer

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Eastwick Productions, #EP 101  compact disc, cassette tape, lp album

     Sample Track - Si Bheag A Si Mohr

Walt Michael
Music for Hammered Dulcimer

1.  Bermudaful
2.  Jessie's Mischief
3.  Wind in the Hollow
4.  The Pirate's Prayer
5.  Snowblind
6.  Planxty Erwin
7.  Ookpik Waltz/Seneca Square Dance
8.  An Gamhuin Geal Ban (The Fair-Haired White-Skinned Calf)
9.  The Dark Island
10.  Si Bheag A's Si Mohr (The Little Fairy Hill and the Big Fairy Hill)

Walt Michael: hammered dulcimer, guitar
John Kirk: fiddle, guitar, tenor recorder
Mark Murphy: string bass
Evan Stover:  fiddle, viola
Toby Stover: piano